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Vector Patrol Shield – Vertical Assisted Shooting

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The Vector Shield is a light-weight, low profile, arm secured shield that provides high levels of ballistic protection to the upper body, face and neck. It can defeat multiple point blank hits from hand guns and rifles, including 7.62mm and 5.56mm Green tip rounds.

Made from the highest grade ballistic steel available, by Police and Military Veterans in the United States, and designed / patented by a Special Forces Green Beret Medic and West Point combative instructor.

It helps to de-escalate the use of force by providing a protective barrier between law enforcement and the public in confrontational situations. By de-escalating a situation, the Vector Shield decreases the chance of injury or death occurring to an officer, civilian, or other attacker such as an aggressive dog / animal.

  • Allows for platform assisted shooting with a pistol 8″ wide at the top x 4″ wide at the bottom x 16″ long.
  • Vector Shields are your truly portable line of defence against active shooters.
  • They defeat multiple hits from hand guns and rifles including 7.62mm and 5.56mm Green tips at close range.
  • Made from the highest grade steel available.
  • Designed and patented by a Special Forces Green Beret.
  • Makes traffic stops and building searches safer.
  • Makes controlling a combative suspect easier.
  • Protects the officer from explosive blasts, ricochets, knife and bat / blunt trauma attacks.
  • Defends against Dog attacks.
  • Can be used for Counter Terror / SWAT building entries and provides mobile cover to every person in an entry team.
  • Can provide ballistic protection at guard / security buildings.
  • Can be used in hospitals and prisons / correctional facilities to avoid needle sticks or other attacks against staff in hospital emergency or psychiatric units.
  • All shields and plates are NIJ Level III with anti-spalling coating.
  • Optional round encapsulation ballistic insert also available.
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