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Introducing SWORD

Mobile Based Security Solution

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  • FREE can of StopFire 500ml

    Get a free can of StopFire 500ml worth £13.99 with every Escape Mask purchased whilst stocks last

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  • 1,000,000 candela torch

    Get the record breaking MicroFire Ultra-Bright Tactical Flashlight

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  • Visual shock self defence

    Introducing Vizshock to the UK. Non-lethal, Non-Contact LED Deterrence.

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  • Protecting Our Guardians

    Introducing Vector Defence Shield to the UK / EU Police & Military teams. Stops multiple 7.62 and 5.56mm rounds at close range.

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  • Give Yourself a Chance

    In emergencies, the most critical consideration is the response time. Our masks are specially designed and packed to be used with utmost comfort, without disturbance in daily activities.

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Proud to Provide Personal and Building Protection for :


Defence & Military


Emergency Services

We’re official members of the NS&RC (National Security & Resilience Consortium). Formed in 2007, the NS&RC is a group of elite international companies from Europe and the United States who work collaboratively and cooperatively to provide unique, world-class security and resilience solutions in the face of increasing natural and man-made risks and threats to Governments, corporate organisations, major events, transport systems and critical national infrastructure. Find out more »